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Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: What is Quick Vocab™?

A: Quick Vocab™ is a product available for digital download in MP3 format.  It is a content rich audio vocabulary lesson with words focused on a specific category.  The categories give you the ability to target certain vocabulary that interests you.  We plan on offering vocabulary to target travel, food and restaurant, animals, business vocabulary and much more.  With our method of delivery you will be able to practice pronouncing the words, while you memorize the vocabulary and learn gender articles.   In no time you will find the words floating off of your tongue, as well as recalled and recognized during conversation

Q: How do I purchase vocabulary?

A: On each product page there is a green 'purchase' button that links to that vocabulary set on our fulfillment site called  Sellfy allows you to use secure payment methods (paypal) to pay for the vocabulary and then issues you a personalized download link.

Q: I made a purchase but my download is very slow or will not start?

A: If your download will not start or is very slow please contact and we will get back to you with a solution as soon as we can.  You can also contact Sellfy's customer service here.  

Q: What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

A: If after one month of follow along practice with Quick Vocab™ you are not satisfied with your improvement, we offer a 100% money back gaurantee with proof of purchase and you will be able to keep the digital version of the audio lessons free of charge.  The refund, with valid proof of purchase, will be transacted in 1-2 Business days following the request.

Q: What exactly do I get with my purchase of a Quick Vocab™ Category?

A: You will receive a .zip or a .rar file that contains your audio lessons in mp3 format, as well as PDF instructions, a PDF transcription of the audio and printable vocabulary cards also in the order of the vocabulary lesson.  We recommend you download a free version of WinRar, here, to make extracting the files easier.

Q: Can beginners use this product?

A: Yes, Quick Vocab™ can be used at any language level.  However, we do not claim that this will teach you correct grammar or punction.  This is a supplement to scholastic language learning that will improve your ability to speak and communicate with natives.

Q: I already have my degree in a foreign language, will Quick Vocab™ still help me?

A: Yes, our targeted categories provide a depth of vocabulary on a single topic that is often missed during scholastic lessons.  Ever increasing your vocabulary knowledge will improve your communication abilities in any foreign language.  Current categories: Food and Restaurant I, Animals I, and Business I or combinations thereof.  Our planned releases for January 2014 are Common Vocabulary I, Common Vocabulary II, Music I, Household Terms, and Common Verbs.  We will be increasing our depth and complexity as we progress.

Q: Additional Questions?

A: Please contact our customer service personnel via e-mail at  We will strive to answer your questions to the best of our ability and update this FAQ as additional important questions are being asked

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