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Quick Vocab

Business I


These lessons will be useful for all ages and skill levels but may be more suited to the High School and College Level of ability purely because of the quantity of words in these lessons.


Quick Vocab™ is a follow along, foreign language, audio vocabulary lesson.  These lessons are separated by type of and context of vocabulary (Animals, Business, Food, etc.). They range from 250 words to 500 words.  Printable flashcards, an MP3 audio lesson and vocabulary sheets also come with these lessons.  


At home or on the go with any mobile device that plays MP3 Files!


You can use these in any free moment, just press play and start practicing.  No time constraints, start and stop whenever you want.


When learning a language it is necessary to have supplement materials and study aides in order to provide additional learning beyond the classroom, software or program.  This will increase language development and provide a necessary, fun break from normal study.


Download, Pronounce and Learn!

Check Out The Free Lesson Page

This page allows you to either stream, or download one of our lessons and try it out for yourself.  We guarantee that if practiced how we recommend, you will be memorizing and learning to pronounce new vocabulary in minutes.  You will also find that because of the type of lesson, memorizing the vocabulary will be more effective than with normal study.


Give yourself an idea of what our lessons truly are and let us help you grow your language skills through vocabulary!

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