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Billing And Shipping Terms and Donlon Enterprises

CD - Products



Billing Terms:

Quick Vocab™ Spanish: CD-Pack's can be purchased via PayPal from "buy now" buttons located on our product pages, as well as via and their accepted payment methods.  Please visit or for more information on their policies, terms and conditions.


Quick Vocab™ German: CD-Pack's can only be purchased via PayPal payment options.  Our German product line is not yet available on  Please visit for more information on their policies, terms and conditions.


Our Customers are NOT charged any sales tax.  The customer is only responsible for the purchase price, as well as our flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 for Fedex Standard Ground shipping for all CD products.


Shipping Terms:

We Are Only Accepting Shipments To The Continental US 

Your Address Needs To Be Verifiable On The Fedex Website In Order For World Vocab™ To Process Your Shipment


After full payment is received your product will ship within 1-2 business days via Fedex standard ground. The standard ground shipping rate will take from 2-5 business days to deliver and cost a flat rate of $5.99 regardless of where our customers are located within the continental US.


After your product has shipped, you will receive a fedex tracking code via e-mail so you can track your package.


The Purchase Flow Explained:

After you make a purchase on PayPal or and it is accepted, we will be sent a secure notification that will contain your shipping information, e-mail and the product number you ordered.  At this point in time, depending on the volume of orders it will take between 1-2 Business days to handle this transaction and prepare it for shipment. Once your order is shipped, Fedex will send both of us your packages tracking information and you will have to wait between 2-5 Business days depending on your location in relation to our hub.  You will then receive your product, verify it is in good working condition and learn yourself some vocabulary!


If there are ever any problems with any part of this process, send us an e-mail at and we will get right on it.


What Is In The Package:

All of our CD-Pack shipments will contain audio MP3 CD's containing the vocabulary lesson chosen.  The amount of CD's will vary depending on quantity and type of vocabulary ordered.  You will also receive a Data CD that will have PDF versions of your lessons instructions, printable flashcards and vocabulary sheets.  All CD's will be labeled and packaged in CD sleeves.  These sleeves will then be bundled and placed into a padded shipping envelope or package.  A shipping label will be adhered to the package and delivered to your shipping location via Fedex.


Digital Products


Billing Terms:


Quick Vocab™ Spanish and Quick Vocab™ German are both available in digital form only from  The only form of payments accepted are PayPal's payment options.  Please visit for more information on their policies, terms and conditions.


Our customers are NOT charged any sales tax for their purchases

Our customers are ONLY responsible for the purchase price of the digital vocabulary lessons


Delivery Terms:


After full payment is received, you will receive an e-mail from that will allow you to download the digital files with up to 5 attempts.  If there are any problems with the download being too slow or not functioning properly, please contact us at


What You Download:


The download will be in the form of a .zip file to keep the size manageable.  Within this file you will receive 2 MP3 audio files and 3 PDF documents for each lesson downloaded.  The 2 MP3 audio files will be the entire lesson starting with the primary language to the target language and then vice-versa.  For example, you purchase our Quick Vocab™ Spanish lesson.  You will receive 2 audio files for this lesson. One will be from English to Spanish and the other will be from Spanish to English.  


The PDF files you download will be the lesson's instructions, printable flash cards that follow with the vocabulary lesson and vocabulary sheets that also follow with the lesson.




If you have any additional questions or concerns with our Billing and Shipping Terms please send us an e-mail:


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