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World Vocab is founded and managed by language lovers first and foremost.  We are currently based in the United States but are expanding our reach globally to increase the number of languages we offer, as well as increase the complexity of our lessons.  


If you wish to learn more about World Vocab then you need look no further than our language department employees. They have vast knowledge, impressive diversity and great dedication. For this reason, we coined the term, Language Lover. Our policy on employment encompasses language learning and dedication on every level.  In order to be considered for employment at World Vocab™ we require the following; a minimum of a bachelor's degree in a foreign language, one-year full-immersion in that culture and language, and a minimum of one year's employment with a company whose primary language is that of their study.  The one exception to this rule is if the applicant is married to a native speaker of their target language.  This level of exposure may even exceed cultural immersion.  Similar rules apply for hiring foreign nationals.


The depth of experience and knowledge this provides far exceeds anything taught in a book or taught by most professors and education experts.  Much of their knowledge is derived from book learning and years of repeating the same lessons over and over again.  


This screening allows us to create our language teams.  Each language team is comprised of a minimum of one English national who studied the target language and one Foreign national who studied English (e.g. English to Spanish Vocabulary Team = English native who studied Spanish and Spanish native who studied English).  Due to the fact that they have studied and been culturally immersed in each others languages, they will be able to communicate past any language barriers and come up with correct translations even for the most colloquial of terms.This team effort encourages continued learning and increases their awareness of the real difficulties presented to language learners.  


For this reason, our products will always focus on enhancing the scholastic learning environment and provide supplement learning materials for those who wish to take the next step towards fluency.  intercultural development.  We are focusing first on the development of Spanish.  Afterwards, we will continue the development of Spanish and roll out German, Italian and French.




"...grammar appears to have been designed for beauty, not for usefulness." - Steven Pinker On Languages¹

To provide a hands-free vocabulary learning experience that gets everyone to memorize and pronounce more vocabulary.


At our mission's core is a desire to provide content-rich, hands-free, fair priced vocabulary lessons for every single one of the world's languages.  Not just the most used or the most lucrative.  


We also dream of a place where one can find foreign language vocabulary specific to professions, hobbies and more.  We want everyone to feel well prepared to travel and communicate about their professions and their hobbies.


World Vocab™
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