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List Of Helpful Sites
For Learning English As a Second Language
For Learning Spanish and German
General Resources: Learning English As A Second Language:

US Department Of State Resources - Teachers

This website has a wealth of information and resources for English teachers.  They focus on a "Four Skills" concept that promotes speaking, reading, writing and listening.  There is a vast amount of information attached to and in this site.


Example: Of a handout idea or a class topic:  that focuses on folk wisdom from countries around the world.



OWL - The Purdue Online Writing Lab:

The website here is a great resource for learning how to write English at a professional level.  It provides in-depth instructions for how to conform your writing to the APA Style.  Outside of simply providing excellent support for the proper writing of English, it does provide a lot of good resources for learning English as a second language.  



College or University Course Offerings:


UIC's Tutorium In Intensive English

This link will provide you with information about the ESL course offerings at the University of Chicago. Just provided for general information.  Specific costs and the E-Brochure.  


Cool Spanish Learning Resource Sites:


Mommy Maestro:

This has a lot of cool free and for purchase resources for teaching Spanish to children.  Please click here to check it out.  


Spanish for You!:

This is a pretty well established and creative blog about learning Spanish.  It has a lot of free and for purchase resources as well.  They do a good amount of research into what is new and upcomming in the language learning world.   Please click here to find out more.  A review for their curriculum is located here.  

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