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Quick Vocab™ Spanish: Business contains roughly 400 words and phrases that are normally used within a business setting.  This lesson is specifically geared towards professionals who plan to work in a country and/or business whose primary language is not their own.  Practicing this lesson will better prepare any individual to more quickly understand and absorb the new business dynamic and reduce the stress and strain involved with the new learning curve.


The vocabulary lesson pairs US English with Latin American Spanish and each word is only pronounced by a native speaker throughout the audio lesson.  This lesson is perfect for native Spanish speakers that are learning English as their second language.  It will help them work as professionals at English speaking companies and positions. This lesson is also great for native English speakers who wish to learn Spanish as their second language.  For information on the format of the audio lesson and our methodology please click here.


Below you will find additional information about this vocabulary lesson including the list of vocabulary in our PDF viewer, which you can also download a sample of here.


We encourage you to listen to the audio sample found below in the MP3 player and also visit the blog located on this site to get additional practice.  It will give you a better understanding of what we are offering you.

  • 400 Most Common Spanish Business Terms

  • 2+ Hours of Follow Along Vocabulary Practice

  • Native English Voice Paired With Native Spanish

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  • Listen To First Track For Free On Album Below

  • Guaranteed To Improve Your Spanish Vocabulary

  • Great Mobile Phone Vocabulary ESL Lesson

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