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Digital Download:

1x .ZIP file that contains

  • 1x PDF - Vocabulary Sheets and Instructions

  • 1x MP3 File - Audio Lesson


World Vocab's Quick Vocab Spanish: Animals is a follow along audio vocabulary lesson that contains roughly 250 animals and related terms.  This native voice vocabulary lesson will provide the animal enthusiast with a great deal of firepower at their disposal.  After studying this vocabulary you should be able to walk through a Zoo and name every animal you come across or have lengthy discussions with friends about what you both love about animals.


This lesson contains US English vocabulary paired with Latin American Spanish. This lesson is perfect for native Spanish speakers that are learning English as their second language.  It will help them gain a good foundation for how to recognize and speak about a wide range of animals in English.  It is also great for native English speakers who are learning Spanish as their second language.  They will also be able to recognize and discuss a wide range of animal topics.


100% Satsfaction Guarantee - Even for this digital product.  If you aren't satisfied with Quick Vocab™ Spanish: Animals - Digital Download, then contact us at with proof of purchase information and we will refund 100% of your purchase.


Quick Vocab™ Spanish: Animals

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