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Some Things About Spain

Some Things About Spain


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Spain is a sovereign state located on the Iberian Peninsula with a population over 46 million people. It is the world’s 52nd-largest country at approximately 195,366 square miles. On the west Spain borders Portugal and on the south it borders Gibraltar and Morocco. Mainland Spain is a mountainous country with multiple mountain ranges. It has a Mediterranean climate and usually has warm summers.

Spain is also a constitutional monarchy, which has an executive branch (Council of Ministers of Spain) and a legislative branch (Congress of Deputies). The Prime Minister is nominated and appointed by the monarch, while the monarch is considered the Head of State; the Prime Minister of Spain is considered the Head of Government.


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Spain has a capitalist mixed economy and is the 14th largest worldwide. Citrus fruits, cereal grains, olive oil and wine are some of Spain’s agricultural products.

Spanish (language) is officially recognized in the constitution as Castillian and is the official language of the entire country. Other co-official languages of Spain are Basque, Catalan and Galician.

And this was some information about Spain.

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