The Mission

The Mission

World Vocabs™ mission is to provide a better, mobile way to learning vocabulary, while promoting the practice of foreign language pronunciation and listening skills. We believe that vocabulary is the true strength and knowledge behind language. In normal day-to-day speech, most native speakers do not even use correct grammar. For one’s point to be understood, one needs only vocabulary and context. When in most foreign countries, you are crossing your legs, sweating and just saying the word ‘bathroom’, most foreign individuals will know immediately what you are asking. The same goes for other single words such as, no, yes, hungry, hurt, tired, wet, cold, hot, fire, etc. Within a particular context, using a single word is all that is needed. Despite all of this, we realize the need for grammar but we also understand that grammar is the main focus for most scholastic approaches to language. This is why we choose to leave it to high schools, colleges and universities. Instead, we support their teachings by providing more of what they lack, spoken vocabulary practice with a native.

World Vocab™ focuses nearly entirely on vocabulary and one’s ability to speak the language. In order to pass most classroom tests you need only study a small list of 20 vocabulary words (pitiful) and some focused grammar concepts. This means that nearly all language graduates lack adequate vocabulary and spoken language skills.

Quick Vocab™ is our initial solution to this problem. With the guided audio you will be able to follow along and practice speaking individual words. All the while, you will be training your ears and mind to recognize these words during normal conversation. Vocabulary memorization then comes naturally when you combine listening, following along with the PDF guide, and following along with your voice by practicing pronunciation. Our first goal has been to create a way to both learn vocabulary and practice one’s ability to speak and communicate in a foreign language. We have succeeded.

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