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Quick Vocab™ Food and Restaurant I

Food and Restaurant I

This audio vocabulary lesson teaches one food and restaurant terminology. Level one is a foundation level vocabulary list that combines general meat, vegetable, herb & spice, restaurant, cooking and baking terminology. This will provide a strong foundation vocabulary for most, if not all, standard day-to-day food situations.

Quick Vocab™ Food and Restaurant will build the foundation for any foreign language situation involving food. It is a great way for students or professionals to broaden their vocabulary depth and impress those they communicate with. Creating a resource to help those who study language but are also professionals in a different area is our primary goal. This category teaches the basic level of food related vocabulary. However, we plan to increase the depth of this category to include more specific and difficult terminology. We will create categories to help with terminology for chefs, bakers, butchers, restaurant owners or managers, and food enthusiasts. We will be your resource for in depth, focused language study beyond the normal scholastic limitations.

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