Quick Vocab™ Business I

Business I

This audio vocabulary training exercise is focused on combining language with business professionalism. In order to expand ones’ ability to communicate with a foreign language in a business setting, one needs to have the proper vocabulary. This set combines a large variety of business terms together. The focus would be on office vocabulary (i.e. office administrator, clerk, security system, PTO, etc.), management vocabulary (i.e. to hire, to fire, to review, new hire documentation, to discipline, to coach, to manage, etc.), economics vocabulary (i.e. GDP, economics, stocks, etc.), and much more. The ‘audio’ part of this vocabulary will help train one to hear the words during a discussion with a foreign client, as well as teach one to pronounce these words properly. This all happens while you are learning vocabulary words along with gender articles.

Quick Vocab™ Business I will allow all individuals to intertwine their business lives with their language knowledge. Especially for those who deal primarily with foreign individuals or those who work in a foreign country. It will be invaluable to have this office and over-arching business terminology. You will be able to understand, communicate and function within the workplace.

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