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Quick Vocab™: Animals I

Animals I

This vocabulary training category was created for animal enthusiasts and language lovers. Often enough, when abroad in a foreign country or speaking a foreign language with another, the use of animal vocabulary becomes necessary. There is not much focus on animals from a scholastic point of view even though animals are a part of daily life. More often than not, when one wakes up in the morning they greet their household pets, step outside and see squirrels, rabbits, birds and many other animals and insects. We believe that in order to become fluent in another language you have to have this general vocabulary knowledge. Although not used often, this knowledge will help you impress other students, your professors or even your foreign language pals.

Quick Vocab™: Animals was also created for those individuals that study or have studied a foreign language but their main profession is focused on animals. A zoologist or veterinarian who has also studied a foreign language. This is the first of many installments, we will ever increase the depth of these single categories in each language and give the language professional a way to continually increase their ability to combine their language skills with their career.

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